Batmn's Alfred is an inspiration to Wonder Mom

‘Wonder Mom’ chronicles

Batman has Alfred.  Captain X has Wonder Mom.  Wonder Mom doesn’t have an Alfred.  That makes me wonder.

Wonder Mom’s super powers are time manipulations.  There are not enough hours in the day to accomplish what Wonder Mom does.

And she still has to battle evil while going about accomplishing all the tasks in one day.

In the early morning hour when the house is quiet with the ever constant drone of the respirator keeping Captain X alive in the next room,  Wonder Mom opens her eyes from her night’s rest.  In that very first moment Wonder Mom tells herself  ‘It never happened’.

X is whole.

‘It’s just a normal day in our normal family’.  Wonder Mom wants to believe this with all her heart.

In the second moment,  Wonder Mom’s world crashes down on her with the first presence of evil she will battle today.  Captain X is paralyzed from the diaphragm down and that droning respirator is the sweetest sound in the world because that machine is why X is still with us.  At least we still have you X,  my son.  Captain X survived.  Xzavier is important.  Xzavier is a linebacker against forces too complicated to combat.  Captain X is going up against Titans that profit no matter who gets killed.

And they will be killed.

‘How many will be killed by the time the sun that has not yet risen sets again?  Will it be another loved one?  None of us are safe any more.  The Titans have issued the mark of the beast and it wasn’t a barcode on a computer chip implanted in the masses to control their every thought.  It was simply a phone.  A wonderful technological device that can record your every whimsy, a phone with a direct line to any agency that cares to get your GPA, no one can hide who they are if they use a cell phone.

And people use these devices willingly.  They carry them everywhere.  They drop the cell phones in public toilets.  They use these cell phones when they are behind the wheel.  No one is safe or left behind.  They know where you are and they know what you are doing and who you are doing it with.

Wonder Mom soon gets out of bed.  The first thing she does is check on Captain X.  He is still asleep.  Super Nurse looks up from her book and greets Wonder Mom with a silent Good Morning.  Wonder Mom lifts her hand up signifying coffee and Super Nurse nods her head.  The coffee pot is pre-set and Wonder Mom flips the on switch to on on her way to her shower.  Wonder Mom gets dressed for her day.   She returns to the kitchen before the sun has had time to rise and pours herself and Super Nurse each a cup of coffee and she pours a large glass of orange juice for Captain X.  Wonder Mom returns to the bedroom with the tray and sets it down next to Super Nurse.

“Good Morning” she says to Captain X and he opens his eyes and smiles back at Wonder Mom.

Shi Shi the Amazingly Famous Service Dog has been waiting for her turn to greet Captain X and now lunges on top of the hospital bed and gives Captain X a lick on his cheek.

Shi Shi is the amazingly famous service dog of Xzavier Davis-Bilbo

“Ohhh!  Shi Shi, that’s enough now – Let X wake up first” says Wonder Mom.

“I’m awake!” says Captain X and he pats Shi Shi and lets her lick him again.  Shi Shi’s tail is wagging and Wonder Mom lifts her from the bed and puts her back on the floor.

Like all Super Heroes, Captain X has to do a lot of stuff to prepare to battle his day and like all the Alfreds, Wonder Mom is ready to assist.  Super Nurse performs the last of her nightly duties and then says her good nights for she must now go to her own home and sleep so she can stay up all night and watch the respirator that keeps Captain X alive.

Today Captain X is visiting a driving school with Wonder Mom.  First the Amazingly Famous Service Dog Shi Shi must be walked and brought back inside to her doggy dishes.   Then X gets dressed in his new football jersey shirt and Wonder Mom cooks their breakfast and clears away their dishes.  Then they head down a couple of blocks from their home to a bus stop.

Xzavier Davis-Bilbo and Spokeswoman Valetta Bradford must take the Milwaukee bus because the lift on the wheelchair accessible van is broken.

Captain X is not in costume for this event because this is just another day at the office for X.  Sometimes they go to radio stations and talk to people over the radio waves.  Sometimes they visit colleges to talk to young people who have only been driving for a couple of years now.  Sometimes they even go to TV stations and talk to anchor people about the consequences of distracted driving.   A lot of people they speak to cry when Wonder Mom tells the Story of X.   

Almost a dozen people come up to Captain X and hug him after each appearance.  Wonder Mom is beaming at the admiration her son receives.

Spokeswoman Valetta Bradford, far right with her paralyzed son Xzavier Davis-Bilbo and a cast of actors at the premiere of 'From One Second to the Next'

Like Alfred, Wonder Mom wants her son to have his family restored and for all of them to become whole again.

Like Alfred, Wonder Mom accepts the reality that her son is confined to a life in the restricted zone and she will do everything humanly possible to support the life saving work her son is actively pursuing because of her love and support.

Loyalty like Alfred’s is rare.  These are your strong silent types.  Valetta is like any one of you who would have qualms about public speaking but she makes herself do it just like she makes herself get out of bed every day.  She does this work and she offers all this support to keep your little ones safe.  Womder Mom says “I never want anyone to go through something like this.  It destroys, it is so senseless, they can pull over and take care of that text.  It really can wait.  Don’t text 4 X when you are behind the wheel of a car.”

Alfred has invisibility powers and so does Wonder Mom.  Children like these shown above  can enjoy their childhoods  because someone is speaking up for them.  The  ‘Don’t text 4 X’ campaign gets invisible results.  No child was harmed in the heeding of these powerful messages.  We have no way to measure these invisible results.  You may never hear of Wonder Mom’s real identity but know that she is out there with her super-hero son  Captain X and their mission is to educate drivers away from distractions with an emphasis on texting.

Click here to show your support for this work by making a donation to The X-Man Foundation by clicking here.  100% of your donation goes towards keeping Captain X on the campaign trail,

  ‘Don’t text 4 X’.